IRC Investments has properties for sale throughout various regions. We have properties ranging from a single, one family lot, to multi-family apartment buildings. We are always looking to create a fair deal with our contractors and rehabbers. If you are an experienced contractor/rehabber and meet our criteria, IRC Investments can sell a property to you quickly with financing. There is no need to tie up capitol in one project when you can use ours enabling you to take on multi projects.

IRC Investments will provide short-term bridge financing on the purchase of one of our properties and tailor the financing to your needs. Once IRC Investments has established a good working relationship with you, IRC Investments will consider financing the whole project or you can consider a joint venture with us. IRC Investments is well known for selling its properties to contractors/rehabbers at whole sale prices leaving enough room for you to make meaningful resale profits.

If you are interested in purchasing a property IRC Investments has for sale in your region, or are interested in a joint venture with IRC Investments on a property you found, contact us by phone or select the joint venture form or the I would like to purchase this property form. Fill it out the form you selected and submit to us on the web.