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IRC Investments is comprised of highly skilled professionals our associates’ expertise extends in all facets of the real estate and investment industry. It is the broad and deep support of our associates at all levels that makes IRC Investments more valuable to our clients.

Executive Directors

Picture Frank Vivirito, Chief Executive, is a founding partner in IRC Investments Frank has had an exceptional career in multi- million dollar community developments and is considered one of the most dynamic entrepreneurs in the real estate industry as we know it today. Frank overseas the daily operations ranging from Florida through Buffalo NY.

Picture Mathieu Goldenburg, Chief Executive, is a founding partner in IRC Investments. Mathieu has had an exceptional career as the CEO of an international company and has been involved in an unprecedented amount of real estate sales and acquisitions, reaching high into the millions. Mathieu overseas the daily activities of our executives both nationally and internationally.

Picture George ,Chief Executive, is a founding partner of Gem Sound

Picture Paul Goldenburg, Chief Executive of operations of Gem Sound, has vast knowledge in manufacturing sound technology products. Paul overseas daily operations, specifically the quality of products Gem Sound Manufactures throughout the world.

Picture Anthony Padovani Esq., Executive Counsel, is a well-seasoned attorney with over 20 years experience in real estate, title and business law. Anthony overseas the legal structure of in-house counsel, including the activities of outside counsel and the implementation of all legal transactions throughout the regions where we do business.

Picture Carleen Colby, Senior Executive, has considerable expertise in mortgage and tile industry. Carleen overseas the structure of our title offices throughout the region including the activities of private mortgages IRC Investments creates throughout the regions we do business in.

Picture Dominick Vivirito, Chief Director of Acquisitions, oversees the activities of all Executive Directors of Acquisitions throughout the many regions IRC Investments does business in. Dominick Vivirito has extensive knowledge in, negotiating, determining values, acquisitions, selling, estimating construction needs and the profitability of investments.

Picture Dominick Crocilla, Executive Director of Acquisitions, is highly skilled in residential and commercial real estate. With over 18 years experience in the upper NY region, Dominick Crocilla overseas the daily transactions throughout the upper NY region, in witch he has an abundance of knowledge in these markets.

Picture Executive Director of Acquisitions,
Lower New York and North Jersey

Picture Jackie Giordano, Executive Director of Acquisitions, is a well Seasoned real estate agent who has been specializing in the investment sectors of both commercial and residential real estate for numerous years. She dedicates her focus to Philadelphia and the greater suburban areas.

Picture Shannon Executive Director of Acquisitions South Jersey

Picture Baltimore Maryland

Our Associates

Ronald Sahli Esq. - Legal department
Vincent Carosella Esq. - Legal department
Tom Revel - Legal department supervisor
Sherry Bozzelli - Chief Accounting Exectutive
Hammonton - Accounting Executive
Hammonton - Accounting Executive
Rita - Office Supervisor
Cynthia Amerosa - Office Supervisor
Denise - Executive Administrator
Elizabeth Salerno - Executive Administrator
Jody Burke - Administrative Assistant
Michelle Phillips - Administrative Assistant
Lillian Heredia - Administrative Assistant
Glassboro - Administrative Assistant
Glassboro - Administrative Assistant
Bronx - Administrative Assistant
Glassboro - Conveyancer
Glassboro - Conveyancer
Glassboro - Conveyancer
Cumberland County - Settlement Clerk
Atlantic County - Settlement Clerk
Gloucester County - Settlement Clerk
Ocean County - Settlement Clerk
Tom D’Arigo - Executive Architect
John Tateria - Field Construction Supervisor
Garnet Haynes - Field Construction Supervisor
Gino Philips - Field Construction Supervisor
Atlantic County - Sales Associate
Bergen County - Sales Associate
Burlington County - Sales Associate
Camden County - Sales Associate
Cape May County - Sales Associate
Cumberland County - Sales Associate
Essex County - Sales Associate
Gloucester County - Sales Associate
Hudson County - Sales Associate
Hunterdon County - Sales Associate
Mercer County - Sales Associate
Middlesex County - Sales Associate
Monmouth County - Sales Associate
Morris County - Sales Associate
Ocean County - Sales Associate
Passaic County - Sales Associate
Salem County - Sales Associate
Somerset County - Sales Associate
Sussex County - Sales Associate
Union County - Sales Associate
Warren County - Sales Associate