401k, IRA, Pension Plans

Due to our affiliations with several financial servicing companies, IRC Investments can invest your self-directed plan in first mortgages secured by real estate, while collecting high yields so that your money works for you. IRC Investments provides services for our clients with 401K, IRA and Pension plans that do not provide for mortgage investments. Our clients are now able to open new, self-directed plans with the financial institution we have provided.

Why settle for 1 to 4 % when you can invest in mortgages and earn 9 to 14 % annually? Imagine how comfortable your retirement can be by collecting these kinds of returns now!

Section 408 of the Internal Revenue Code allows 401K, IRA and Pension plans to utilize such investments in real estate and mortgages (called Deeds of trust in many states).

Our clients can setup their accounts as the owner, and the financial institution as trustee. IRC Investment’s legal department can help facilitate the process in opening your new account. In a few easy steps, without closing your present account and suffering any penalties or tax consequences, your 401K, IRA or Pension plan can immediately start earning you high yields. All Investors are able to roll-over or transfer funds from an existing plan without penalties or tax consequences. Clients are then able to direct the financial institution to purchase the mortgage they choose and direct the financial institution to invest the monthly interest on their behalf.

All mortgage documentation is reviewed by the financial institution to insure the documentation meets their criteria before they purchase the mortgage for the investor’s retirement account. The financial institution also requires our affiliated company, LTV Associates to service the mortgage until it is paid off.

IRC Investments will review all documents to ensure that your account is established quickly and efficiently. Upon signing the documents, IRC Investments will then send the financial institution the completed package for their approval.